10 Etiquettes of Coworking

10 Etiquettes for Coworking

We want to create a culture of honor and courtesy as coworkers because we value each person and we ask that you do the same. In coworking spaces, it is important to be thoughtful towards others and if every person lives that way in our community, it will be a peaceful and productive community.

Please read and follow these 10 Simple Coworking Etiquettes and reach out if you have any questions.

  1. Respect the Need to Work
    Remember that everyone who has committed to being a coworker has work to get done which means that you shouldn’t start conversations while someone is busy. If it becomes necessary to say something, ask politely if you can interrupt and if they have time to talk. It’s ok for them to say no.
  2. Minimize Distractions
    Since everyone has things to get done, work to do, and invest financially for a coworking space, be courteous by not avoiding causing distractions for your coworkers. Some examples are wearing headphones while listening to music or podcasts or watching videos. Avoid loud conversations in common areas and try to take phone calls to another area and respect our Quiet Areas.
  3. Utilize Meeting Spaces
    We have made of meeting spaces priced low to help our coworkers have meetings in designated areas and not in open areas. Just know your surroundings and if meeting with a client in our open space is not a distraction, you may feel free to do so. Honor your booking time and do not overstay in a meeting space past your booked time unless you can book additional time. 
  4. Respect Privacy
    Do not peer over coworkers’ shoulders to see what they are working on or intentionally listen in on their conversations or their quiet phone calls.
  5. Respect the Space of Others
    Don’t crowd others, keep your items organized so that they don’t “spill” over into someone else’s workspace. Don’t “borrow” coworkers items with asking first. We also have items for your use in our business resource center.
  6. Stay Home If You Are Sick
    While it as always been a good idea to stay home when you are sick in a coworking space to not spread germs around and to not cause distractions for others, after COVID-19 was introduced, our desire for safety around those are sick has changed forever. 
  7. Communicate Any Issues, Addresses Them Politely
    We want to hear your suggestions, issues and things you love! We just ask that you are polite and professional in addressing those things with us or with other coworkers. We want to create a community where everyone is happy to be there, sees the best in others and allows their coworkers to bring the best out of you too.
  8. Help Keep Things Clean
    Coworking communities are just that- communities. Part of honoring our coworkers is disinfecting your work areas, kitchen counters, and bathroom surfaces with the provided disinfectant wipes so that is clean for the next coworker to use.
  9. Follow Kitchen Courtesy
    Kitchen courtesy includes avoiding microwaving or eating foods with strong smells that could be a distraction to coworkers, make coffee if it is out or your take the last cup, let our staff know if the trash needs taken out, and don’t leave any food items overnight in the shared kitchen space.
  10. Be Friendly and Treat Others As You Want to Be Treated
    If we all follow the Golden Rule, I would guess that over 90% of issues can be prevented. For the 10% that still arise, let’s refer back to #7 on our list.
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